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Collins Square

Flower Auction

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Flowers available for auction from Collins Square concierge

Weekly Flower Auction

Did you know you can bid for the exquisite floral arrangements decorating our lobbies in Tower 1 & 2, Tower 4, and Tower 5 at Collins Square?

Collins Square donates all proceeds from the weekly auction of the lobby flowers to the Property Industry Foundation whose beneficiaries support homeless and at-risk youth in the Melbourne CBD.

Place Your Bid

Simply complete the form below to submit your flower auction bid. Alternatively, you can call Concierge on 03 9252 7670.

  • Please enter the amount you would like to bid for this week’s floral arrangement:


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Please note: Auction flowers are the bouquets displayed in the concierge lobbies in Tower 1 & 2, Tower 4, and Tower 5 only at Collins Square.

Only bids of $20 or more are eligible. The highest bidder will be notified on the Friday of that week by 12:00pm.

Vases and decorative items (e.g. twigs, branches, wood, etc.) are not included in the bid offer, only the flowers and plants.

Collection of the flowers will only be permitted on Friday between 5:30pm – 7:00pm.

Payment accepted in cash only and will directly be forwarded to the Property Industry Foundation.