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Collins Square

$10 Lunch Guide

You asked, we listened. A selection of epic lunch items that you can purchase from Collins Square for $10 or less.

$10 Lunch Guide
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$10 Lunch Guide

  1. Assorted Nigiri

    Assorted Nigiri

    Sushi to satisfy your soul.

    • Where: SOBO

    Can’t pick between salmon, tuna or prawn? SOBO’s assorted nigiri box will have you coming back for more every day.

  2. Chicken Chips + drink

    Chicken Chips + drink

    You like chicken chips? Woolies Collins Square has chicken chips!

    • Where: Woolworths

    If you thought Woolies Collins Square was good, then they’ve just become GREAT. Grab some chicken chips and pair it with a drink, all for under a tenner.

  3. Favourites Bowl

    Favourites Bowl

    All the small sized bowls form the Nosh favourites menu are now under $10!

    • Where: Nosh

    You heard it right. Choose a small bowl from the Nosh Favourites Menu for meat those lunch time cravings, and it’s all yours for under a tenner!

  4. Hot Bento Box

    Hot Bento Box

    One of Sushi & Nori’s famous hot bento box for under $10? Sold!

    • Where: Sushi & Nori

    Choose between grilled salmon, teriyaki chicken, chilli chicken, Karaage chicken or chicken katsu. Grab a hot bento box from Sushi & Nori after 2pm for just $10!

  5. Mex Bowl

    Mex Bowl

    Your lunch is sorted with Salsa’s tasty Mex Bowl available now for under $10!

    • Where: Salsa’s

    Salsas are bringing back their very successful $9.95 Bowl campaign, with a twist!

    All Bowl pricing will remain at the original price, however when you present your Mex Club card or app you’ll be granted the special VIP offer of $9.95.

  6. Pure Pie Baked Quiche

    Pure Pie Baked Quiche

    Pure Pie Collins Square know how to lunch.

    • Where: Pure & Pie

    Grab a freshly baked quiche from Pure Pie Collins Square for less than $10 today.

  7. Salad


    You’ll make friends with the salads at Big Italiano.

    • Where: Big Italiano

    Big Italiano has got you covered with a range of salads available for under the magic number.

  8. Soup of the week + Sourdough Bread

    Soup of the week + Sourdough Bread

    Soup is back on the menu at Long Shot!

    • Where: Long Shot

    Grab the soup of the week with a sourdough bread for only $9.50. The perfect meal for a cold winter’s day.