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COVID-19: Precinct Update

Collins Square

A Hub of Wellbeing at Collins Square

A Hub of Wellbeing at Collins Square

Back It Up Osteopathy, Mellobarre and Tribute Boxing have all launched virtual programs, designed for remote teams to come together to keep fit and stay motivated while working from home.

Check out the range of offers available to the Collins Square community.

Back It Up Osteopathy

Like most Victorians, you will be working from home. You may also be responsible for managing a team who is now working in the same space as their family, bent over a laptop instead of sitting or standing at their dedicated workstation with the right equipment and ergonomic set up. At Back It Up Osteopathy, they believe it is important to invest some time thinking about how to optimise your home workspace to protect and support your physical (and mental) wellbeing. The team at Back it Up Osteopathy have developed ‘Stretch and move’ and ‘Ergonomics at home’ workshops to help workers at home set aside some time to look after their bodies. These workshops can be run through any virtual conferencing platform your company would normally use.

For all inquiries and questions, please contact Alex at


Spring into Summer, and create healthy habits in the realms of nutrition, exercise, sleep, parenting, motivation, connection, relationships and stress management with Mellöbarre’s complimentary 1:1 Wellbeing Consultation. These 30-minute wellbeing coaching sessions will provide you with focused insights, ideas and momentum to feel energised and thrive in the season ahead.

To find out further information and to book one of Mellöbarre's Wellbeing Consultations this link

Mellöbarre is also offering many different complimentary movement classes to support you while working from home, head to our website to book a complimentary class today

Tribute Boxing

Tribute boxing understand the struggle to stay active, whilst working from home so the team have launched live virtual boxing workouts.

Your team will be taken through a 45 minute LIVE zoom session at a time of your choice. Whilst two trainers motivate participants, demonstrate all the exercises, correct technique and ensure your staff are exercising within a safe environment.

To find out further information, contact