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Happy International Coffee Day!

Happy International Coffee Day!

Date: 27th Sep 2021

Whether you drink a flat white, soy latte or a long black, coffee has to be one of Collins Squares most loved items. In celebration of International Coffee Day, we asked some of our retailers a couple of questions regarding the great morning brew.

Pure Pie
We’re not sure about you but we are never able to go past Pure Pie’s savoury pastries for breakfast. From their bacon and cheese scones to their classic cheese twists, treat yourself to one of their delicious menu items alongside a great coffee for breakfast today.
A keen coffee art enthusiast, the barista at Pure Pie shares a couple of her favourite things about coffee:

What’s your favourite coffee to make?
I like to make cappuccinos because I love experimenting with coffee art.

What is the secret to coffee art?
Practice! Keep practicing the basics and soon you’ll be able to create amazing art on your coffee. My advice is to perfect a heart, once you perfect a heart, you can work on a tulip, once you perfect a tulip, you can work on Rosetta, once you perfect a Rosetta, you can create a swan and so on. Practice makes perfect.

What’s your favourite food to serve with your coffee?
I don’t drink much coffee these days but when I do it MUST be accompanied by a chocolate croissant.

Big Italiano
If you’re after a classic work week breakfast like a ham and cheese toastie or egg and bacon roll, Big Italiano is your go-to. Serving up awesome coffee alongside a range of to-go breakfast items, Big Italiano is here to make your morning easier.
We asked the owner and manager, Anthony, a couple of questions about coffee:

What’s your coffee order?
A piccolo. I’m a busy guy so coffee to me needs to give me a hit of energy. I drink a piccolo because it’s almost like one sip and you’re ready to take on the day.

What’s your favourite coffee to make for your customers?
A Long Macchiato. Think of a Long Mac as three different components – first a double shot of coffee which gives you a great caffeine hit for the morning. It’s then soften with some milk and topped with froth for that great creamy texture.

What makes a great coffee?
A great coffee starts from good beans. If your beans aren’t great quality then your coffee will never be outstanding. Besides the beans, it’s all in a good extraction. Set up your shot of espresso with the right weight, timing of outpour and yield to create a delicious cup of Joe each time.

Mr Collins
Get your favourite breakfast and brunch items at Mr Collins. Their breakfast menu is perfect for everything from meetings over a delicious breakfast to a much needed coffee catch with your colleagues when you return to work.
We asked the barista at Mr Collins her tips for a great coffee:
What’s your coffee order?
I drink a ¾ latte. Latte because I like a milky coffee and I have it ¾ because I like it strong.

What makes a great coffee?
It’s all in the milk. Get the froth right for each type of coffee and perfect the pour of the milk and you’ll have a great coffee each time.

What’s your favourite food to serve with your coffee?
A warm ham and cheese croissant. It’s one of my go-to breakfast items from Mr Collins.