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Meals With Impact

Meals With Impact

Date: 5th Jun 2023

We are pleased to welcome The Meals With Impact cafe and community hub to Collins Square, where every coffee and every meal makes a difference.

At the heart of everything they do, social enterprise Meals With Impact’s mission is to empower women of refugee and migrant backgrounds through meaningful employment, and hands on training and support.

Behind each nutritious and wholesome dish is a team of chefs from diverse backgrounds. Sharing the same love for food, the team brings a wealth of culinary expertise and cultural knowledge. With a menu co-designed by the team featuring recipes close to home, every dish is not only prepared with heart and soul but is a true reflection of rich tradition and cultural diversity.

Together with their unique culinary offering is a good brew in partnership with true farm to cup socially responsible business, Ageyo Coffee. Named after a village in Jimma, Ethiopia, Ageyo Coffee's beans are imported from the founders, Daniel and Soliana's family farm, and small scaled coffee farms within the Jimma region using 100% natural and traditional Ethiopian agriculture practices.

By choosing Meals With Impact, you contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society. Whether you’re after your morning coffee, a delicious lunch, dinner to take home, or a catering solution for your next event, choose the taste of change.

Located on the corner of Batman Hill Drive and Collins Street. Open Monday to Friday between 7am and 2pm.

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