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Ngayuku Warnka Tjukurpa

Yannima Pikarli (Tommy Watson), 2014

"Ngayuku Warnka Tjukurpa" by Yannima Pikarli (Tommy Watson)

Yannima Pikarli (Tommy Watson) is internationally recognised as one of the most significant aboriginal artists of our time and is considered a pioneer of contemporary indigenous abstraction. The culmination of his artistic career is undoubtedly his 6 x 8 metre masterpiece, Ngayuku Warnka Tjukurpa, the largest and most impressive painting by an individual Aboriginal artist. You can find this piece on display in the lobby of Tower Five.

Find another Watson piece “Ngyauku Ngura” on display in the lobby of Tower Three, you will also find a piece by Esther Giles Nampitjinpa in this lobby space.