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An interior view of the restored Goods Shed


Contributing additional character and individuality to Collins Square is one of the great historic buildings in Melbourne, the refurbished Goods Shed South. In 1889, the Goods Shed was the longest single building in Australia and is now classified by the National Trust and included on the Victorian Heritage Register.

In 2011, construction began on the Goods Shed South to repair and restore the former railway shed. The conservation efforts included wholesale removal of lead paint, repairing of the structural iron gutters, re-roofing and much more to ensure the heritage of the building remained intact.

An outline of the façade of the Goods Shed at Collins Square

The restoration story of the Goods Shed South in Melbourne is just one of the developments which represents Walker Corporations commitment to restoring historic sites.

Woolloomooloo Wharf in New South Wales was originally built in 1915 as ‘The Finger Wharf’ and used as a wool processing port. In its day, it was the largest wooden structure in the world, over 400 metres long and 63 metres wide. Walker acquired the wharf in the early 1990’s and set out to restore the dilapidated structure and heritage elements. Featuring 300 apartments, a hotel, retail, restaurants, commercial space, marina and a car park, today, the wharf is a renowned mixed-use landmark and a famous tourist destination in Sydney’s CBD amongst tourist and locals.