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Collins Square

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  1. The Collins Square Movember Challenge

    The Collins Square Movember Challenge

    Mo Bro’s and Mo Sista’s of Collins Square assemble! Last year, we smashed our target, raising over $45,000 for men’s health – let’s top it this year!

    • Where: Collins Square
    • When: -

    Collins Square are proud to be supporters of the Movember Foundation; the leading charity tackling prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

    This November we invite you to sign up to the Collins Square Challenge as an individual or with your work pals, and battle it out against other tenants for your chance to win the coveted Collins Square Cup!

    To join the Collins Square Challenge, sign up for Movember (and encourage your mates to do the same – Movember’s more fun when you’re in it together). Once you’ve signed up, select ‘Join this Challenge’ at the top of the Challenge page and search for the Collins Square Challenge.

    Last year’s winners were MLC Life Insurance! Will they retain their status as champions, or is your tenancy already planning how to take out the title of Movember 2020 Champ?

  2. Collins Square Free Wi-fi

    Collins Square Free Wi-fi

    Stay connected at Collins Square with our FREE precinct Wi-Fi. All you need to do is register with your mobile, tablet or laptop and voila! Instant access.

    • Where: Collins Square

    Stay connected at Collins Square with our FREE precinct Wi-Fi. All you need to do is register with your mobile, tablet or laptop and voila! Instant access.

    To log onto the Wi-Fi network follow these steps:

    1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device via settings
    2. Select the network ‘Collins Square Wi-Fi‘ on your device.
    3. A log-in page will appear. Provide your email and select sign in or sign in via Facebook.

    By selecting sign-in, you are agreeing to the Wi-Fi terms of use.

  3. Collins Square at Your Finger Tips

    Collins Square at Your Finger Tips

    Collins Square is more than just a retail and commercial precinct. Connect with us today in more ways than one.

    • Where: Collins Square

    Collins Square is more than just a retail and commercial precinct, we’re available all year ‘round with just the touch of a button!

    Stay connected with us to see what’s happening in and around the precinct!

    And don’t forget, you can subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss another exclusive deal or event again! Subscribe via

    Make sure you’re the first to hear it all!

  4. Collins Square’s Spotify is now LIVE!

    Collins Square’s Spotify is now LIVE!

    The Collins Square Spotify Playlist is now live with all your favourite tunes to keep you motivated and focused while you work from home!

    • Where: Online

    Working from home and not sure what to listen to? Enter the Collins Square Spotify Playlist

    Want to share your favourite track with the Collins Square community? Be sure to submit your favourite song + artist via the online form here.

  5. Daily Calm

    Daily Calm

    A quick and simple mindfulness meditation can really do wonders in shifting your thoughts and staying calm amidst the chaos.

    • Where: Online

    Refresh your mind each day with a 5-minute guided meditation by Wellineux. You don’t have to sit for 20 minutes or half an hour to benefit from a meditation practice. For a daily dose of mindfulness, visit Wellineux’s Facebook page.

  6. Make a sustainable switch

    Make a sustainable switch

    From bringing a reusable cup to every coffee catch up, to learning about which bin to use, making a sustainable switch is as easy as pie.

    • Where: Collins Square

    Join us in making a sustainable switch (or four) in 2020! Reducing environmental impact in your personal or professional life is as easy as pie, and we’re here to guide you. Small steps make change.

    • Did you BYO a reusable container today?
    • Did you use the right bin?
    • Do you buy local?
    • Did you use a reusable cup today?
  7. New Click and Collect Parking

    New Click and Collect Parking

    It’s never been easier to pick up your click and collect items thanks to our new temporary parking zones.

    • Where: Collins Square

    Pick up your items from your favourite retailers at Collins Square with ease thanks to our new click and collect parking bays.

    Located outside the Retail Plaza on Village Street, you’ll be able to park your car in the marked parking bays for a maximum of 15 minutes as you collect your items from inside Collins Square.

    Click here to view the map.

  8. Virtual Movement Class Recordings

    Virtual Movement Class Recordings

    Loved our live virtual movement classes? You can view the video recordings of one of the classes you missed or take them again!

    • Where: Online

    Suitable for all fitness levels, there’s a class for everyone from Cardio Box to Stretch & Release and even Tai Chi.

    View Previous Classes

  9. We’re going plastic straw free!

    We’re going plastic straw free!

    From January 2020 plastic straws are being removed from Collins Square.

    • Where: Collins Square

    From January 2020, Collins Square is proud to be taking the Victorian initiative to ban all lightweight plastic shopping bags one step further by removing plastic straws. Collins Square intends to encourage a shift towards more reusable and biodegradable straw options, helping to reduce environmental impact.

  10. Your Recipe E-Book: Squared!

    Your Recipe E-Book: Squared!

    Move over Gordon Ramsay, there’s some new chef’s in town – you! Our Collins Square Community!

    • Where: Online

    A few weeks ago, we asked you to submit your favourite baked goods recipe as part of the Collins Square Bake-off! And although there could only be one winner, we just couldn’t keep all these tasty treats to ourselves!

    Click here to view all the delicious recipes you submitted. If you decide to try them yourself, don’t forget to tag us in a picture of what you make on social media!

    Happy baking!