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5 Ways to go Plastic Free at Collins Square

5 Ways to go Plastic Free at Collins Square

Author: Collins Square

Date: 18th Jul 2022

So what’s the deal with single-use plastics?
It might be convenient in the moment, but like the name suggests, these plastics are completely discarded after one use. Making up a large portion of landfill, only 12% of plastics used in Australia end up being recycled and with the amount of time, energy and effort that goes into producing, exporting and importing these products - we need to be much more mindful of our plastic usage.

Here are five ways you can go plastic-free at Collins Square.

1. Ditch the Single Use Coffee Cup

As one of Melbourne’s go-to for great coffee, we understand a good caffeine addiction - but it’s time to ditch the single-use coffee cups. Up your cup game by either bringing your own reusable cup, using a cup or mug from the office, or simply take ten minutes from your work day and enjoy your favourite cuppa on location.

2. Switch to Tupperwear

While plastic containers are on their way out, we absolutely encourage bringing your own tupperware to the retail plaza. For those who hate meal prepping - don’t stress! Simply bring your containers to your favourite retailer and ask them to fill it up with your favourite meals. Easy!

3. Say no to plastic lids & cutlery

If you’re able to, choose to refuse any single-use plastic lids, cutlery, straws and more. Go straw or lid free where you can, and try travel friendly cutlery sets that you can take with you wherever you go. Or better yet - pinch some stainless steel cutlery from the office (we promise we won’t tell as long as they’re returned!).

4. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and invest in a reusable water bottle. If you do forget to bring your water bottle along with you, don’t panic. Asking for a glass or purchasing a glass bottle can make all the difference.

5. Be mindful of your rubbish

Are you recycling, composting, or avoiding waste correctly? Make sure you are disposing of your waste in the correct location - only place items in the recycling bins that you know are recyclable. Did you know, if a recycling bin is contaminated with too much non-recyclable material the whole bin is sent to landfill! Yikes.

Recycling bins are located around the Retail Plaza for your convenience. You can also read more about Collin’s Square’s Sustainability Policy here.

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