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How To Guide: Dry Cleaning At Collins Square

How To Guide: Dry Cleaning At Collins Square

Author: Collins Square

Date: 23rd Oct 2022

Dry cleaning is now available at Collins Square via iBag.

iBag provides a range of services including:

How it works:

  1. Pick up your complimentary iBag Starter Kit from your nearest Concierge desk. The starter kit includes a first-use bag for your first order which your garments will be returned in
  2. Download the iBag App and create an account
  3. Place your first order and drop off your garments at the Tower 1&2 Concierge Desk
  4. iBag collects your garments, cleans, presses and returns your garments within 48 hours*
  5. Once you have been notified that your garments are ready to collect via the iBag app, proceed to the Tower 1&2 Concierge Desk to collect your order.

Why dry clean with iBag?

  1. Convenience: bring your garments to work and we'll take take care of the rest!
  2. Reliable: iBag's national network of experienced and professional cleaners means you're in the best hands.
  3. Intelligence: iBag's app provides you with updates, any special care instructions, automatic payment, and allows you to communicate with your cleaner.

Get Started

T&Cs apply. Garments that are stained or require repairs may take longer than 48 hours. Please refer to the iBag app for further details on your garment turnaround time.