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Smart Ways to Ride

Smart Ways to Ride

Author: Collins Square

Date: 17th Oct 2022

This Ride2Work Day why not swap your car, bus, or train ride for a bike ride? Here are our hot tips to help rethink your route and your commute!

Finding your bike

You don’t need to have the latest and greatest bike to get a good ride - it can be just as easy as dusting off the bike sitting in your Dad’s garage! You can also try secondhand or chat to your local bike shop about an easy ride. If you’re planning on riding to work frequently, invest in a bike that will give you the best comfort for the ride.

Gathering your safety gear

While you might not need a fancy bike to get to work, you will need a helmet. Having the right helmet can reduce your risk of a serious brain injury by absorbing the shock and impact energy of a fall before your head and brain do. Make sure your helmet sits well and comfortably on your head. If it tends to be dark out when you leave for work, stay visible to drivers by wearing bright colours that make you stand out. Reflective strips and flashing front and back lights will also help keep you visible on the road.

Planning your route

If you’re unfamiliar with biking to work, or even riding to work for the first time, get to work safely by planning your route. Use Google Maps or a GPS to look up bike paths and trails that you can take so you have a clear vision of your route. If you’re feeling a little less than confident, look for avenues where you won’t have to cycle along a main or busy road.

Enjoy a safe ride

Make sure you leave plenty of time so you can take your time and enjoy the ride! Cycling to work is a healthy and fun way to exercise BUT you must make sure you’re doing it safely. Always make sure to bring your helmet, look out for other cyclists, pedestrians and cars and stay mindful of your positioning on the road.

Now all that’s left is to get on your bike and start pedaling!